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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you have to take my computer with you?
A: Sometimes troubleshooting can take hours. We can't interrupt your life waiting for a problem to resolve. Plus, in our shop, we can use stronger diagnostic tools. In some cases, yes, we will take the computer and work on it in our shop, leaving you the comfort of going about your day. Our turnaround time is usually less than 3 days.

Q: Do you offer discounts?
A: With proof of identification, we do offer discounts to active OR retired police and military officers.

Q: Why is my computer so slow?
A: This is one of the most common questions The Tech Guy is asked. Most computer slowness is due to startup items, loads of temporary items, a large amount of programs loaded with low processor and/or RAM installed, or a malware infection.

Here are some free resources you can try before calling us:

Install CCleaner (FREE). CCleaner is known for removing temporary items your computer stores, including your browser history. Run the cleaner and remove the temp items. Next, use the Tools tab to uninstall old programs you no longer use. Click the Startup link and disable programs that startup (NOT your antivirus, though!) to speed up boot time. Finally, click the Registry tab and clean up loose ends.

Install Malwarebytes (FREE). Malwarebytes is a powerful anti-malware tool you can run to scan your computer for infections. This may take a while, and it is best if you are disconnected from the Internet after downloading while the scan is running. Remove the infections, reboot, and scan again until clean. Still infected after multiple scans? Now is when you need us! Infections breed infections, and can lead to identity theft!

If you have a slower processor and minimal RAM, no amount of scanning can help. Sometimes removing excess programs is all you need. If you feel the need to upgrade, give us a call. We can help you get the computer you need without the excessive sales guy haggling you!

Q: Why is my network so slow?
A: Again, this is sort of complicated. It depends on the speed you subscribe to from your ISP, the time of day, the amount of devices on your network (yes, smartphones count!), the age of your routers, and the router capability to handle the traffic. We can offer a solution for your network and keep that game from lagging!

We offer solutions for the home or office.

Q: How can I prevent this from happening again?
A: Not only can The Tech Guy fix your current issue, but we can consult with you and educate you, your staff, or your family on best practices when it comes to browsing the Web, keeping your network stable, and other security issues. We believe education will strengthen our customers and keep them safe.

Some quick safety tips:

  • Browse carefully. Not all sites are what they seem to be. Using Chrome or Firefox (with AdBlock) is one way to keep malicious advertising at bay.
  • Download safely. Torrents are dangerous, even though that new movie, game, or program is really needed. Not only is it illegal to circumvent copyright law, it is playing Russian Roulette with your computer. Most torrents are malware. Tread carefully!
  • Don't open that Web site from your email! Phishing is when a link in your email or messaging app looks like a legitimate Web site, but is actually a way to collect your login, password, and other valuable information. Email says something is wrong with your account? Go to the Web site directly - don't click that link?
  • Research that online store. Is a deal too good to be true? It may not be a legitimate online store! Research the company first.

Q: How do I know what to buy?
A: Tech terminology is daunting. Salespeople exploit this fact and sell you what you don't need (we used to work as salespeople, sorry). Those Big Box stores will inundate you with extras you don't need! We can help navigate to your next tech purchase without all the extra junk.

Q: Can you help me after hours or during a holiday?
A: We have a limited tech staff, but The Tech Guy understands we all have different working hours and schedules. We can help, but it is best to contact us ahead of time if possible!

Q: OMG R U guyz hackers?
A: Our knowledgeable staff are White Hat (ethical) hackers. We have the knowledge most hackers do, but we use this knowledge to attempt to get into your servers, network, and computer accounts. After, we tell you how the vulnerability should be addressed. We will not "hack" anything not owned (and proven to be owned) by you. Especially Facebook accounts, emails, smartphones, and other items.